Day 9 – The Girl and The Wanderer

For today’s challenge, we were asked to write a poem using the titles of five songs from a playlist on shuffle. Included below are the songs I used.


You were already half-way out the door

You look back, wink, tell me to get down, get down,

Rest my head back on the pillow like it’s all a dream

I follow your lead, trusting you that this was a nightmare

And you’d still be there in the morning


You didn’t even tell me you were moving out


Now each time airplanes pass overhead

They cast a shadow that feels as cold

And taints everything as gray

As you made that summer morn


I thought I saw your light, I thought I saw your dark side

I knew I could love it, all of it, I was willing to

I thought you finally understood that

But you didn’t. You didn’t.


I thought you found home

I thought your wandering heart had left

But it had never gone




Never Gone – Colton Dixon

Movin’ Out – Billy Joel

Get Down, Get Down – Joe Simon

Airplanes – B.O.B. ft. Hayley Williams

Dark Side – Kelly Clarkson


Day 6 – The Summer Hermit

An example of what it would be like to be a grumpy old curmudgeon living in a condominium unit with a view of the pool.


Palm trees,

Barely a year old,

Hover tall among the sunbathers,

Nearly as bold.

There’s close-cut grass

Browning in the sun–

Still greener than this concrete jungle, though.

Drenched clothes

(That shouldn’t be allowed in the pool!)

Cling translucently tight to their hosts’ forms

As they splosh around in slippery flip-flops,

Leaving wet criss-crossed trails to the rest houses.

A girl’s hitting her head

To get the water out her ears

She’s jumping as she does it–

Looks almost like she’s dancing–Ha!

There’s a boy wiping his face,

Trying to get the water out of his eyes

(As if he’ll ever get the water out of his eyes).

A group of noisy college kids

Grapple with each other

On one of the benches–

The miracle of how they all fit–

To find the position for the perfect group selfie.

The whole bunch of them giggle and scream;

Somehow the couple in the corner stays kissing,


Unlike the constantly splashing water.

It’s summer outside.

I can hear its breeze calling.

I shut the window.

This Whole Blogging Business

I didn’t think I’d actually enjoy doing this too much because my internet connection is so slow you’d cry. BUCKETS.

However, I’m actually really enjoying this. Aside from the fact that I’m actually getting traffic (do you believe that? It just makes my childish little heart leap for joy), getting my work down somewhere and actually being productive over summer break is fantastic. I may not really know how to manage my blog well just yet, but I’ve actually learned a lot from toggling around all day long. Plus WordPress is actually really user-friendly. Props to them for that. xD

Anyway, I’m enjoying myself so much that I’m planning on joining NaBloPoMo next month (May 2014). I don’t want to stick to the month’s theme though. Since I’m new to this whole blogging thing, I’ll probably just write about whatever I CAN write about. There’ll be essays of sorts, maybe I’ll write poems, perhaps I’ll document day to day life, possibly I’d insert something from my journal, I could even make short stories. Really depends. Maybe when I feel like a more experienced blogger/writer, I’ll take the NaBloPoMo thing more seriously, but for now, I’m willing to just take up the challenge.

In the meantime, I’ll just stick to trying to doll up this blog and my profile. At least until the next NaPoWriMo prompt is up, or random inspiration suddenly strikes.

God bless!

Day 3 – Vista (a charm)

A good novel’s hot chocolate embrace,

A furry ball of fluff’s kiss to the face,

A workload for benevolence’s sake,

A collab to an unearthly opus make,

A petty attempt to shed off the fat,

A thousand hours of endless text and chat,

A handful of bright psalms and symphonies,

A word stream of fantastic reality,

Each sunrise peaceful by my Father’s side,

And a promise by which I will abide

May no one thing or person be all I see

But may each moment’s door open for me