This Whole Blogging Business

I didn’t think I’d actually enjoy doing this too much because my internet connection is so slow you’d cry. BUCKETS.

However, I’m actually really enjoying this. Aside from the fact that I’m actually getting traffic (do you believe that? It just makes my childish little heart leap for joy), getting my work down somewhere and actually being productive over summer break is fantastic. I may not really know how to manage my blog well just yet, but I’ve actually learned a lot from toggling around all day long. Plus WordPress is actually really user-friendly. Props to them for that. xD

Anyway, I’m enjoying myself so much that I’m planning on joining NaBloPoMo next month (May 2014). I don’t want to stick to the month’s theme though. Since I’m new to this whole blogging thing, I’ll probably just write about whatever I CAN write about. There’ll be essays of sorts, maybe I’ll write poems, perhaps I’ll document day to day life, possibly I’d insert something from my journal, I could even make short stories. Really depends. Maybe when I feel like a more experienced blogger/writer, I’ll take the NaBloPoMo thing more seriously, but for now, I’m willing to just take up the challenge.

In the meantime, I’ll just stick to trying to doll up this blog and my profile. At least until the next NaPoWriMo prompt is up, or random inspiration suddenly strikes.

God bless!