Christians and Duterte

This post was incited by an online post that a fellow Christian made, and at this point I knew that I had to say something. This is an effort to correct in love, as Paul advised in Galatians 6:1 and 2 Thessolonians 3:15.

As a Filipino and as a Christian, I really, REALLY DO NOT want Duterte to win (the possibility worries me, since he seems to have a good chance of winning, according to recent polls).

First, he’s proud and ignorant. He makes promises he can’t keep (it is not possible to clean up a government in a matter of six months). He is ignorant of policy and the truth (or at least, he doesn’t show he knows policy and law in the debates or his campaigns. I know he served in executive, legislative and judiciary, but the fact that he isn’t showing his knowledge in these fields proves something about his attitude towards them regarding their importance in government procedures. And he hasn’t said ANYTHING concrete about what he plans to do once in his position, aside from slay all the wrongdoers. And he is closed to whatever other truth might come to light, i.e. lack of due process, his ignorance about Mar’s Wharton degree).

He has shown a great level of indecision (as seen in how he keeps promising things and then changing his mind when he was filing for candidacy. When he finally made the absolutely final decision, his reason was so that Grace Poe wouldn’t win. Now in the footage before the second debate aired, we see him sweet-talking her. His conviction isn’t just flawed, it’s inconsistent and flimsy).

Furthermore, he has no respect for women (as seen in the images of him kissing female supporters), and does not honor the sanctity of marriage (he even said he’d bring both his wife and his girlfriend to Malacanang).

But worst of all, he is a murderer, and unashamed of it. He ignores due process. He is without mercy and does not see the capacity of a human being for transformation.

It bothers me that there are so many Filipinos, even Christians, especially some I really look up to, who, despite all these terrible things, in full love for their country, still support this mayor. A mayor who has monopolized a city for two decades, a city which was only VOTED safest city on a non-prestigious site (Anyone could vote for this, and we don’t know the criteria used. And another thing is, people outside of Davao were ignorant of his administration until the “world” recognized us; the funny thing about Filipinos is that we only ever appreciate something about ourselves once a foreigner approves of it).

People believe that what he did in Davao, he can replicate on a national scale. But doing good in one city does not mean that you have the capacity to change an entire nation (much less in six months. He’s been in Davao for 20 years and things still aren’t perfect. It had the 4th highest crime rating in 2014). Didn’t we trust Binay because of what he did in Makati? And there’s proof that he doesn’t know what he’s doing as VP. Duterte is not a thief, but the result will be the same – he won’t know what he’s doing, either. I think Duterte means well – I vouch for the purity and intensity of his intentions. He’s not out there for power or money. I think he genuinely wants to do everything he can to help the Filipino people. But he will fail as a president, because the system does not work the way he’s used to it working. The Philippines is not Davao – the culture is more diverse, the needs are greater, more widespread, and more varied. And the president is not a mayor – the responsibilities are not the same, and the processes are not the same.

Then people would be so disappointed – either because he failed to deliver his full platform within his promised time period or from the suppression of freedom that they feel – and there’d be rallies and disorder. And Duterte being Duterte, he will react by killing off those who oppose his administration.

That’s what vigilante justice is going to end up looking like on a national scale. Isn’t this what he promised, to cut off anyone who comes in his way? Knowing his pride, he’d probably stick to it when things go awry. Slippery slope, maybe? But if you’ve seen how things can go viral, how people can be lit up aflame in excitement, how society can be overturned in a day, then I think you can say I have all the right to fear this.

Returning to Christians being avid supporters of Duterte – they’re entitled to their own opinions, sure, but I really don’t think Duterte should be given the Christian vote for the myriad of reasons I mentioned above (not to mention Duterte even badmouthed the pope in an unnecessary way, which I think shows how little reverence he has for spiritual figures, and perhaps even for God). It’s not something to be advocated. Yet I see these Christians posting Duterte support posts on Facebook. And I’m just like, is this consistent at all with Biblical teaching?

“Thou shalt not murder.” Exodus 20:13

“Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Exodus 20:14

“Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” Proverbs 11:2

There are a million other itty bitty verses and character traits I could nitpick on, but let’s stick with those monumental three. And here’s the biggest question of all: where is the mercy? Isn’t that what we are supposed to preach above everything else? Where is the love? We were saved by grace. We were supposed to suffer and die. THAT’S what we deserve, just as much as all the drug dealers and criminals deserve (Romans 3:23, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”). But no. Our debt was cancelled. We have been made new. I can’t even begin to reference all the verses that teach this. This is the foundation of our faith.

Are we going to be like the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18:21-35? We were given grace, and we should give grace. To do otherwise is to slap away the merciful hand of God when he reached out to us.

The Bible is clear. There is absolutely NOTHING in Duterte that a Christian should find attractive.

But this is what Christians are espousing, and this is what their followers and those in their spheres of influence see. Some people look up to them and rely on them for wise counsel and guidance. Is this really what our Christian brothers and sisters are going to teach them? To honor a murderer by giving him the highest position in the land? To call a man who cheats on his wife without remorse a man of integrity, even when he is unopen to the idea of divorce in the Philippines as seen in the debate last Sunday?

None of the presidential candidates lead quite like Christ leads, granted. Even the person I’m voting for, Mar, doesn’t. But Duterte’s behavior and morals are unacceptable in the Christian community, and I cannot believe that there are even Christian pastors who vouch for him. We are to involve Christ’s love in all that we do, even politics. Even non-believers can see the perils of his possible presidency and the fault of his character, why can’t we?



NaPoWriMo 2015

The only time I ever seem to shake life into this blog is when I’m publishing poetry for NaPoWriMo. I know I should write more, and honestly, I plan to start this thing called Ask Kim (because questions are the best little toys in the world), linked to my ( Ask anything, but I won’t answer everything, and not necessarily in chronological order.

With regards to NaPoWriMo, I know I’m starting this late, haha. I was away in Europe during the first week and preparing for it prior to that, so I never really got to sit down and right. Now that I’m back, however, I’ll be posting daily (at least that’s the plan). I really hope I can complete it this year. At least I’ll definitely be inspired for the first few days because I’ll be working on a project of sorts haha. Once it’s been given, I’ll update you guys on it 😀

This Whole Blogging Business

I didn’t think I’d actually enjoy doing this too much because my internet connection is so slow you’d cry. BUCKETS.

However, I’m actually really enjoying this. Aside from the fact that I’m actually getting traffic (do you believe that? It just makes my childish little heart leap for joy), getting my work down somewhere and actually being productive over summer break is fantastic. I may not really know how to manage my blog well just yet, but I’ve actually learned a lot from toggling around all day long. Plus WordPress is actually really user-friendly. Props to them for that. xD

Anyway, I’m enjoying myself so much that I’m planning on joining NaBloPoMo next month (May 2014). I don’t want to stick to the month’s theme though. Since I’m new to this whole blogging thing, I’ll probably just write about whatever I CAN write about. There’ll be essays of sorts, maybe I’ll write poems, perhaps I’ll document day to day life, possibly I’d insert something from my journal, I could even make short stories. Really depends. Maybe when I feel like a more experienced blogger/writer, I’ll take the NaBloPoMo thing more seriously, but for now, I’m willing to just take up the challenge.

In the meantime, I’ll just stick to trying to doll up this blog and my profile. At least until the next NaPoWriMo prompt is up, or random inspiration suddenly strikes.

God bless!


So my mom was telling me to run some errands, since she was busy with something. I told her I couldn’t, because I was busy with something myself. She asked me what I could possibly be busy with over summer break (’cause it’s not like I was even taking a glance at the volunteer work I had promised to do for her NGO). So I told her. “NaPoWriMo, mom.”

“Apple remote? What’s that?”

I don’t know how many times I had to repeat it to her and my father before they got it right. I never felt like my parents were older than I felt they were at that moment.

I explained to them that it was part of this contest for my soon-to-be org (my friend Angel pulled me into it, and I dove right in). Everyday, I’d await a prompt to be posted on NaPoWriMo’s site, and then scribble and slave until I produced something I might be proud of, or until the 24 hour deadline – whichever came first. We weren’t required to make a poem everyday (that was our own choice), but we were encouraged to write at least one, if not more. We were up against three other teams, and at the end of a week, the team with the least number of poems would be eliminated.

I didn’t care much for the competition, in all honesty. Whether or not we were eliminated was of no consequence to me. I just wanted to write. I just wanted to exercise my skill and flex my poetic muscle (it needed it badly). Also, it was a wonderful way to connect to my writer friends, which I think is a noble pursuit.

My parents didn’t exactly approve, however. I mean, they supported me and my writing, but they didn’t like the idea of NaPoWriMo. They were scared that someone would steal my work, since it would get posted online (even if it was just within my team’s Facebook group). My little brother called NaPoWriMo a crowdsourcing tactic.

I was kind of enraged at first. Why would they even THINK that??? But then I realized that they were right. I didn’t know these people, and, much as I would like to trust them, I was under no assurance that I could. And if they did steal my work, then I’d have no real proof to show that it was mine (other than my name on some digital files). There was no contract or written document or whatever to protect me. I slumped unto my mother’s bed. That was tragic.

As my mother rambled on about the evils of this world, I decided in my heart that I wouldn’t lose faith in my teammates. I had absolutely no ill intentions, and I doubted they would either. However, I was going to make sure to put my brand on my work. And that’s where this blog comes along.

It’s been dead for ages. 😛

I tried reviving it maybe once or twice before, but I never really got around to REALLY pumping it alive. But hopefully, with this NaPoWriMo thing, I’d be able to maintain it. I just want my work to be properly credited. I’m not the kind of person who wants all the glory for herself, and I’m not sure about whether I’d even get all that glory from my writings or ideas. But I think it’s an injustice not to give credit where credit is due, and if there’s one thing I HATE, it’s injustice. I don’t like it when I see injustice done to others, and though I honestly wouldn’t mind if someone were to take my work and claim it as his own (if it accomplishes the good in this world that I want my work to accomplish, then I’ll be as satisfied as Tesla or Jonas Salk), I think not standing up for myself would be a weird kind of hypocrisy. Also, I think it would be a wonderful way to learn discipline, political correctness, and technique in general. Plus I need to be more internet smart, teehee.

So there. Expect me (yes, EXPECT IT OF ME. I want your eyes to be the pressure under which I will be encouraged to write) to post my poems every day for the month of April. I’ll start with a poem blast of the ones I’ve written in the previous days, and then keep it up with a steady pace of probably one poem a day (to be posted on my Word page). And posts on other pages might show up any time in between, whenever I feel like it, or if I have something to yap about or share.

Enjoy reading!

God bless you.