Young. Word. Stream.

It’s stupid, I know. Cliché-sounding, and needs a little more creativity. But I still like it, and I suppose it’s because it mirrors what I want to be for this blog. I want to be the voice of the youth and a stream of words that just keeps on flowing as thought does.

But it’s not like as if I could really, completely stay true to that because somehow I’m not exactly like the kids my age. I think differently and I act differently. I believe different things and I say different things. I don’t think everybody understands that.

It’s not that I’m alone and friendless in this world. Actually, I’ve overwhelmed myself with the number of friends I actually have. I’m not exactly one of the biggest names on campus, but in every corner of the classroom or building there’s usually at least one person I know. That comes to a pretty hefty number when you consider the population of our school.

The thing is that I’m not a socialite. In fact, truth be told, I’m kind of anti-social. I don’t speak much and I rarely ever take initiative in starting a conversation. I’m shy and I prefer being in the background. I don’t haggle for attention nor do I always jump at the opportunity to be known. I’ve met other people who just become so popular so easily. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s looks, sometimes it’s because they’re simply awesome. Of course, these things aren’t all the people are after (at least, that’s what I choose to believe), but it’s what carries a name around.

In my case, I’m not big on looks and I personally consider myself a misfit in society. All right, let me say this in a way that makes sense: I don’t fit in a big group; I belong with each person I talk to. I’m a one-on-one kind of person. Honestly speaking, I’m hugely interested in the way any single person would speak, think or act. I try to dig down deep and take a glimpse into their souls. I love learning about their past, their present and their plans for the future. I collect data straight from them and form my own opinion about them, and if someone doesn’t agree with that, then it’s their problem. I believe that everyone has their good side and their bad side – no one’s completely bad, no one’s completely good. I’m not going to be surprised with mistakes, ‘cause we all fall down sometimes. I won’t be surprised by changes for the better, ‘cause we all deserve our second chance. And it’s every little thing about a person that makes them beautiful. It’s that precious split second they look at you and realize that you understand them, it’s that funny little moment when they can’t comprehend what you’re trying to say. It’s that golden flame in their inspired eyes, or that dull loss of interest and the reason behind it. It’s that new smile that brightens up the world, it’s that endless river of tears that sprung from a heart filled with pain. It could be the little things they do like their hair-flipping mannerism or their adorable laugh. It could be their squeaky voice or their acid tongue. It could be their unending munching or their uncontrollable burping. It could be the little jokes, or the twisted tongues, or the forgotten thoughts, or the surprised look on their face when they find something out. It can be the little chip on her eyebrow or the cute dimple on his cheek. Anything and everything is beautiful in my eyes. And I suppose the one thing I find ugly is that the world doesn’t seem to understand that.

And so my goal with this blog is simply to revel in the beauty of LIFE, the most general topic ever. This blog can go ANYWHERE. I won’t force it to take any specifics, and I’m not after pleasing a particular audience. I invite you to read and see with my eyes, slip into my shoes and wear my clothes, even for just a moment. I’ll try to make it easy for you. 🙂

I am not requiring any of you, my precious readers, to judge what I do or agree with what I say, but I would admire respect for my opinions, as I will have respect for yours. But more than that, I just want this blog to be fun for us all. Enjoy as you browse through. I hope I would be able to leave you with a parcel worth keeping. 😀

God bless!


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