Snippet Series #19: Sweetness Challenge

Wrote this back in high school. I’ve always known that I was a sap, and everyone says I can be really sweet, so I decided to max it out. I prompted myself to write the most excruciatingly sugary love-struck adulation I could come up with. It’s ridiculously cringe-worthy, but similar to my Nightmare poem (which is also part of the Snippet Series), it was a landmark piece in helping me develop my writing style.



I try to find the words to describe you, but I just can’t. A soul as breath-taking as yours can’t be captured by anything as human and erroneous as a word, a humble sound that means absolutely nothing at all. A sound which once uttered is lost forever in the winds, a throng of lines that fade and disappear with age. No, your splendor is more long-lasting compared to shape-shifting language, in fact it is eternal. Your beauty exceeds what can be explained and what can be comprehended. Your wonderfulness isn’t comparable to the greatest of gems, or to the sweetest of luxuries. You awe and you enchant, you pause time and move my stone heart, and you warm my cold soul and embrace my thorny being. I melt before you, but you hold on and it keeps me in one solid piece.

How can one smile kill me and yet take away all the hurt? How can one glance cut me up and yet make me whole? Here I am falling, but I feel like I’m flying higher than the clouds, past the stars, and into heaven. Every single atom of my being thinks of you and cries out for how absolutely gorgeous you are. You make me so happy I’m on the verge of insanity. Everything you do, every single miniscule action you make, makes me sing and dance and rejoice to the Creator for so blessing the Earth with an angel like you.

The one second I met you is the only second I need. And I’m the luckiest human in the world just because I saw you. Now, since I’ve met you, I can say I’ve lived my life. I can die happy, but you keep me breathing even when you take my breath away. The simple memory of our first encounter will immediately heal any wound; the silent thought of your sweetness will fix all my problems. Everything’s beautiful because you are beautiful. Everything’s amazing because you are amazing. I am more than overflowing with ecstasy: one human being cannot contain the earth-turning memory of something as marvelous as you, not even all of the libraries and taverns and treasure chests of the world can hold a memory as grand and majestic as yours. Your memory is so deeply engraved it exists in everything I see and everything I do and everything I imagine and everything I dream about. It makes my heart beat and it flows through my veins and nourishes every inch of me and gives me strength to face this merciless world and be a champion, even though all I am is a slave to your wondrous brilliance.

My heart swells as it tries to keep this love for you, but every second it feels like it’ll burst, and I’m afraid that my poor heart is just too small for a love as humungous and outrageous as this love I have for you. I try to find the words to describe you – I go through all the dictionaries of all the languages and yet it still isn’t enough. I desperately try to make words that would be worthy to describe you, but your sweetness is more awe-inspiring than anything I can even dare to imagine; all the hairs would fall off my head, and I still wouldn’t find anything that comes close to you.

And then I’d try to paint you or take pictures and videos, but all of these infantile, try-hard copies are like dust compared to gold. I try fervently to compose the symphonies that I hear when the gates of heaven open whenever I see you, but even that shrivels in comparison to the drowning loveliness of your voice. Passionately I exert all my efforts to feed my need to love you, but nothing on Earth or in space will help me fill it except the thirst-quenching, enrapturing delight that is you.



No, I didn’t have anyone in mind when I wrote this. In fact, this was originally written from a guy’s perspective.


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