“Your hands are freezing!”

Just another one of the many times I had shocked someone with my icy fingers. I knew my hands were cold today, and I had hesitated to reach for my phone, lest I shock her. But I was hoping she wouldn’t notice.

“Yeah. Sometimes I tell my friends that I must be a vampire,” I joke around, smiling, retracting my phone and cold hand into my bag, trying to ease the worry growing in her eyes.

“You know, in my country, they say that those with cold hands love only for a day.”

We all looked at my other friend, who was sipping coffee from behind her laptop. “Something like they can’t commit.”

I grinned to myself. Well, the Bolivian folk people were natural intuitives. I couldn’t.

I always thought my hands were too cold to be held.

And I always thought my heart was the same.


This literally just happened today, LOL. 

Also OMG I don’t mean to be so emo all the time, it’s literally just because inspiration only ever seems to hit me when things are melodramatic.

This is also probably one of the fastest things I’ve written. But it was honestly a very straightforward observation.


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