The Child Who Made Me A Video

I went to Headway School for Giftedness, my alma mater, to do some fieldwork for thesis back in February, just a few days before my 20th birthday. It was a very exciting day – words cannot describe what thesis has put me, Iya and Steff through. But I’m happy about it. Something about everything just went in full circle. Did I mention I met a fellow Atenean there? And the last time I visited, they had invited me to be a resident psychologist there once I got licensed. I might take them up on it.

Below is an excerpt from an email exchange I had between a child I had randomly met at Headway.

Hey Luis!
This is Ate Kim, from yesterday. Attached is the awesome film that you made me. I just want to say that I really appreciate it, and it spoke to me on a deep level. At first I didn’t understand what you were doing, but the finished product told a stronger story to me than you probably understand. You see, I went to Headway too when I was your age. I spent prep until grade 6 there, and it defined my childhood, in a way. The sentimentality of the music and videos you had chosen reminded me of the flow of time, my roots, hope for the future, and the people we share this life with. Just like my laptop sticker says, growing up is painful, but what I meant was that it’s a process that burns you the way gold is refined by fire. With your own quiet technique, I felt like you were able to tie it all together in film.
I was so moved that I even showed my best friend the video, and since she understood how much that film must have meant to me, she was almost moved to tears in our school cafeteria, of all places (I myself almost cried in the library yesterday). She has a friend studying film in Saint Benilde who she wants to show your video to. Could I send her the file? πŸ™‚
Thank you so much!
God bless you! You’re a very talented boy, and I pray that you will continue to nurture that talent and use it to keep telling powerful stories. πŸ™‚
Ate Kim Andaya

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