Millennial Mental Health

Okay so, this is an idea that’s been on my mind lately.
The mental health advocacy has been gaining a lot of traction lately (Ateneo’s Mental Health Awareness Week just ended yesterday, in fact). A good thing, definitely, but I’ve also always felt that it was symptomatic of something. I’m a psychology student, so maybe that explains why a number of friends and acquaintances have confided their depressive and neurotic tendencies – but I also know that it’s been a hot topic online and I also see how it’s become a central concern of this generation.
So I decided to run some queries, just check out what information is already readily available online.
And then I found this video (which my dad asked me to watch before but never got around to HAHAH sorry dad). I’ve known some of the information here for quite some time, but it gives you interesting insight when you put it all together (the beauty of knowledge ❤ ).
It’s a lot of things causing the rising mental health issues of this generation. The middle class parenting that got popular when we were younger. The instant gratification and immediate “connection” of technology. Capitalist, consumerist, materialistic society (it kinda stuck on my mind how professors [and students too] saw Holy Week as “a break so that they have the time they need to get work done). Success is driving us dry:
So how do you address this? Idk. Practice balance – not neutrality or passivity or numbness, but excellence (woot Aristotelian Virtues). Learn patience and inner silence and how to laugh at awkward and clumsy. See people as ends in themselves (yay Kant). Yes, these are just ideas, but they’re ideas that need to be talked about more.