Dear Mr. (Psyche) President

Since my term in Ateneo Psyche will be ending soon, I’ve decided to publish the palanca I wrote for my organizational best friend, Danyl Ferrer. I wrote this before our term even legitimately started, and I can say I’ve grown a lot with this guy since then.

I should probably also write a goodbye letter to all the Psyche people to post here. Maybe something that mirrors my discernment talk, but also a lot more personal. Eh, I’ll get around to it when I get around to it.


Dear Mr. President,

In writing a traditionally sappy palanca, it is recommended that I go down the memory lane of our times together, or dissect the essence of what it means to be your friend. But I’m still in the process of making memories and finding out what “Danyl’s friend” means. I’ll be frank – even if we met in freshman year, and even if I let you hug me because you’re the huggy type, and even if I think we get along pretty well, I hardly know a thing about you.

But I do know bits and pieces. Bits and pieces about your love life (thanks Lance. He’s the reason why I checked out Ciely’s profile +++ I know what Yellow Jacket means HAHAHA Please don’t kill Lance, he’s lovely ❤ ), bits and pieces about your family (like your vacations, your older siblings, your mom, and your dad), bits and pieces about your past (your high school, how you started drinking), bits and pieces of who you are today. The bits and pieces I knew of you before constructed some chill, friendly dude who loved girls and drinking. Lovable, but not exactly esteemed.

And now there’s this new president bit. And you’re actually acting the part. And it’s changing the entire constellation of my bits and pieces of you. Now there are bright spots of brilliance, guidance and inspiration, as well as dark areas of questions and things yet unknown. But you’re beginning to look like Orion.[1]

Let me tell you something: several of the newly graduated officers told me to look out for you, keep you on track, make sure you do the right thing. One of them even told me that you were lucky to have me. I don’t know how true that is, but in any case, I can see that I don’t always have to mind you (I’m not your mom). You have your own plans and you’re not helpless. And for the record, I think we keep each other on track. There have been times when you’ve reminded me of deadlines and remembered things that slipped my mind and pointed out things that I didn’t see.

Beyond that, I think I’m lucky to have you. I’ve never been anyone’s right hand before – in fact, lately, I’ve always taken on a leading role, and my friends have pointed out on numerous occasions that I tend to have a dominating attitude. My main fear upon running for my position was that I’d be too bossy, too demanding, too impatient, and that I might “steal” the responsibility of leading this organization from you. And yet you’ve managed to rein me in. You’ve been patient and appreciative and eager to listen to my ideas. You have never gone overboard with what you asked me to do or with what you expect from me. Simply the idea of the role already intrigues and amuses me because of its novelty and the curious dynamic that it creates. But more than the idea of the role, and more than to serve Psyche, I want to support you because I believe in you, Danyl.

I really hope that aside from continuing to be great partners, we’d also become great friends in the realest sense of the word. God bless always, and know that I’m always going to be here – for Psyche, for academic support, and even for emotional support. For jokes and chill time too, of course, if you’re up to it.


Your Secretary-General

P.S. I saw the palancas from the other peeps. I apologize for being MeMa, pero trip ko magsulat eh.

[1] In Hesiod’s works, Orion was the great hunter who was made into a constellation, one that the start and end of the year is marked by. You will also be pleased to note that in Greek mythos Orion got really drunk in one of his adventures.


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