8th of November

Written in response to the November 8, 2016 decision of the Supreme Court to allow the burial of Dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery) in the Philippines. The decision was publicly received with a mix of joy, relief and outrage.


Today is the 8th of November. The day the Notorious Nine ruled to bury the Dictator in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. It is a sacrilege to the symbolism of the national heritage site, a lambasting of the sacrifice of the generation before us, and a rehashing of the victimization of tens of thousands of citizens. The nation has been consumed into a numb slumber by its blindness, its humanity inverted by its twisted, conceited logic.

I don’t get why they said to “move on.” “Let’s be united,” they said.

Move on? Why should we? Were we even bitter before that?

We were making reparations, demanding justice for what was lost. Mali bang maghanap ng hustisya? Tinatamad lang ba talaga kayo? Gusto niyo bang mag-“shut up na lang” kami, which is exactly what Marcos wanted, and why so many journalists were killed in the first place?

So magpapaka-“good boy” kayo by saying, “Dears, let’s stop fighting. This is immature.” Don’t try to act all fudging holier-than-thou. Pareho lang ‘yon sa pagtatanggal ng boses namin.

‘Pag kinatay ang ama mo, ‘pag ginahasa ina mo, ‘pag trentang taon na nawawala ang bunga ng iyong sinapupunan, come right back at me and tell me this is immature.

Aksidente ba? Fudging no. Was it for a higher good? Don’t even go there. You know it was intentional, and you know what the intention was.

Kung may puso ka, hindi mo dedepensahan si Marcos. Kung tao ka, rerespetuhin mo ang kapwa tao. Kung Pilipino ka, may pake ka sa pinagdaanan ng kababayan mo. Kung may konsiyensiya ka, hindi mo masisikmuraing umuunlad buhay mo (which it actually wasn’t during the Marcos dictatorship, by the way) habang may namamatay sa tabi mo. And don’t you dare play Pilate.

We weren’t bitter and divisive before all this. Your blatant disregard for your fellowman is what split us up. It’s what drew the line.

Don’t try to turn the tables of who is causing the division, mmkay? Ikaw ang nang-iwan sa kababayan mong humihiyaw sa kamay ng militar.

We’ll be over here trying to fix this. You can come back when you’ve woken up.


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