The Way I Love Thee

You know how some people have said that when they’re in love, they see a person in everything? Well, what if they see everything in that person? So this poem kind of experiments with that.

Poem title help from Nik.


I love you the way doors open.

The way great works are unveiled.

The way books come to life.

The way ancient civilizations are stumbled upon.

The way shells crack and the pearl can be seen inside.


I love you the way grandmothers watch kids in the playground.

The way the fishermen smell the sea.

The way monks move with the air.

The way the blind hold faces.

The way wine is tasted.


I love you the way feet feel in the soil.

The way the sky is blue.

The way summer’s breeze dances through your clothes.

The way eyes feel looking at the ocean.

The way a child’s arms are stretched wide open.


I love you the way glances are exchanged.

The way giggles are stifled in the hallways.

The way icing is fingered off the cake when no one is looking.

The way notes are casually slipped.

The way trysts are hidden away in sanctuaries.


I love you the way teenagers run through the city at midnight.

The way drivers speed through the freeway.

The way rollercoasters loop.

The way rippling waves rise and sweep.

The way kids roll down a hill squealing in laughter.


I love you the way hands fold.

The way blankets fall.

The way a puppy’s eyes close.

The way a jacket holds you on a windy night.

The way you sigh when you sleep.


I love you the way the stars still sparkle.

The way folk people tell stories.

The way the sun rises and the sun sets.

The way grass feeds the deer, feeds the wolf, feeds the grass.

The way forests take root, intertwine, and grow.


I love you the way people see with new eyes

The way the world shines,

The way the world hums,

The way the world breathes,

The way the world moves,

The way there is life.


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