The Snippet Series #5: Vignettes of Fear

Running away from something until you run away from everything. Then getting cornered until your only option is release.


Her coat snagged on the branch and her heart stopped as she did, but her frightened soul re-entered before her body could drop. She heard the angry growls dash ahead of the mad hounds. The dark guttural sounds pounced on her and mangled her harried thoughts. Her trembling fingers fumbled with the hooked coat, but she only managed to scratch what was left of her ravaged palms. Biting her bleeding lip, she shook off her ragged coat and fled deeper into the cold woods. And still the thumping paws chased after her.


“Are you scared?”

I don’t know. Am I?

The leaves rustled and his presence came closer. I shut my eyes tighter. If I was afraid, what was I scared of? I flinched and looked up. His tan hand looked so out of place in contrast with my pale skin. I saw him hesitate, and my heart raced faster. Then a flash of determination passed over his face and he held unto my arm firmly. The heat from his hand permeated into my skin and washed over my body. I yanked my hand back and stared at him, my eyelids peeled back. I could barely breathe and my throat felt like a large piece of rubble had been forced down it. My whole body trembled, and I saw that my vision was beginning to smudge. I coughed and choked on the invisible rock lodged in my windpipe. And then I cried. There was no more holding back the tears. Like a dam blown open, the salty water spilled from the corners of my eyes and gushed down my cheeks. And it slowly began to feel like I was waking up from a bad dream.


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