Me Through the Eyes of (An) Angel

One of my closest friends in college, Angel Duque (she’s published! You can order one of her books by contacting her through Facebook, decided to go into sappy mode and wrote all of us in our group of friends a quick “character sketch” of sorts – the kind you would find in an eerily specific ThoughtCatalog MBTI article, except you KNOW this one’s tailor-fit (and of course she’d know how best to go about it). I was so amused by her work that I decided to share it all with you here.


How would I describe you:

(Disclaimer: This is how I see you, and I may get things wrong or you may not believe me, but this is how I see you.)

Standard answer: A big and hopeful dreamer with both a head in the clouds and feet firmly planted on the ground, annoying and insufferable sometimes, but only because she understands things in a different way.

Longer answer: A female version of Icarus with wings, only less likely to fly too close to the sun because she knows better, but won’t hesitate to go as high as she can, because if there is anything to this person, it is that she believes that the human will is limitless and she is not scared to fight for what she believes, because she knows that there will be someone to catch her, whether it be her God or someone else. Believes in the best of the human spirit, but her belief isn’t without its boundaries. Could be annoying, because she sees things differently from people, or focuses on things that you wouldn’t normally linger on, but that’s okay, because she’s a living reminder to never assume anything of people, to always remove yourself from your bubble and be understanding, because if she can do it, then you most certainly can also. A person with a strong imagination, but business is business is business is business, and she becomes almost a different person when given responsibility. A calm and relaxed person capable of flights of anxiousness, but like a mentally healthy person, her anxiety pushes her into action and less into crippling doubt—someone I envy because of it. Eccentric and proud, and not afraid to tell what’s on her mind. Her faith is staggering, whether it be in her God or a person, but that doesn’t mean that when she judges, it isn’t too critical or sometimes harmful, because sometimes, her words are like a scalpel in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, capable of slicing vital parts without meaning to. But that is why you remind her, tell her that her words hurt, because her heart is huge and she cannot bear the idea of hurting anyone with her words, and will almost always try to make it better. Her patience seems vast, but it isn’t, and there will be limits to it, and once it reached, her anger is like a hot flash. Intense but fleeting. Someone who has layers and layers and layers and you think you know her, but then you peel back another layer and found yourself with something new.


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