The Truth about the Calgary Nurse

Relevant because I’ve seen so many people reblogging the nurse’s story

Fight for Mar

The Propaganda

The following websites have posted about the mysterious nurse from Canada.

  1. When In Manila
  2. Ako Si Pilosopong Tasyo 
  3. Pinoy Trending News
  4. CoolBuster
  5. JamesParmis.Net
  6. TahoNews 
  7. Danified
  8. Trending News Portal

This “Calgary Nurse” compared the leadership styles of Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte and former DILG secretary Mar Roxas in the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda. She claims to have personally witnessed the event.

In the post’s compelling narrative, the writer relates the following:

Mar Roxas [just] stayed in his tent and just give[s] orders.

He just sit[s] there, eat[s] his delicious meal, go[es] out and act[s] helpful whenever there is media and camera.

I like that old guy [referring to Mayor Duterte], he’s really something. x x x

All of this emanated from a Facebook post of a Duterte fanpage on Facebook (March 13). It was subsequently republished by a person named Jesame Mendosa (March 14) and has since been shared thousands of times…

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