Quick Fix

I want someone who can make me laugh and keep me entertained.

“You don’t need a man, you need a TV.”

I want someone to keep me warm when I feel cold.

“You don’t need a hug, you need that trendy jacket.”

I want someone to tell stories to when I get back home.

“You don’t need a friend, you need to go on Facebook.”

And you can look at all the world

And use all the things to instantly fill your needs

In this utilitarian, high tech, capitalist existence—

Apps, specialized tools, color-coded accessories—

And you consume, consume, consume,

Bloating before reaching satiety

And whether or not your habituated head realizes it

Past your culturally reinforced conditioning

There’ll be a hole silently buffering in the difference

Between reality and happiness ad promised.

Because it’s Hell Week, and that’s always everyone’s most contemplative season.


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