Day 13 – Red Ribbon

Its vibrancy holds more warmth

Than the dull grey of a factory scarf –

Like a cross of summer aster

And pliant braids of tough fiber,

It is the gentle touch of hardworking hands

That work a bow into a girl’s hair strands

It wraps ‘round contours, perfectly fitting,

Molding, melding, yet still form retaining –

As natural, for intersections

Between second and third dimensions

It gathers all into their niches

Without the sting of stitches,

And keeps tight – though unlike lock and key,

The right tug will open the box of mystery

Its knots can be undone, its ends frayed

But we consider this the style with which it was made

Regardless of the fashions, it completes every gift

Enveloping love with love; beautiful, every bit

This was written as a gift to a friend. I’ll update this post after it’s been read. 😀


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