Don’t Worry

Don’t worry about losing your hair,

Because I will only have more of your forehead to kiss.

Don’t worry about getting wrinkles,

I will make sure they are laughter lines.

Don’t worry about papery skin,

I will trace your veins with my fingers.

Don’t worry about swollen knuckles,

They will fit my own perfectly.

Don’t worry about silvering hair,

I will call the moon envious.

Don’t worry about an aching back,

I will undo the knots.

Don’t worry about losing your teeth,

Your smile will never change.

Don’t worry about peeing your pants,

You will never lose my respect.

Don’t worry about your failing knees,

I will never stray from your side.

Don’t worry about losing memories,

We will make new ones every day.

Don’t worry about hospital visits,

We will laugh at magazines in the waiting room.

Don’t worry about medicines,

I will take snap shots of your funny faces when you take them.

Don’t worry about the waiting,

We will solve crosswords together.

Don’t worry about the test results,

They will never stop me from holding you.

Don’t worry about what we’ll tell them,

I will put on a brave face.

Don’t worry about staying in bed,

I will read you stories and fluff your pillows.

Don’t worry about doctor bills,

I will never pawn our wedding ring.

Don’t worry about the slowing pulse,

I will lay beside you and listen to you breathing.

Don’t worry about leaving me first;

I will love you

I will love you

I will love you

Note: Instead of dashes between stanzas, there should have only been a blank space. But wordpress was not cooperating. So this will have to do.


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