Falling and Catching

Note: It’s just really, really weird that I find the time to think and write about stuff during finals week. FRIGGIN’ DURING FINALS WEEK. Oh well, I suppose it’s my odd way to cope.


(Credits for this image go to Cyanide and Happiness)

When I first saw this, I laughed out loud.

But then it made me realize something. We have friends, family, people who we trust to catch us when we fall. And they’re usually ready and willing to catch us, should that happen. But then sometimes we fall in ways that we don’t expect to fall. Sometimes we fail in aspects where no one was expecting us to fail in. And sometimes, like the guy above, we stupidly fall in a direction no one would have considered us falling. And so sometimes we don’t get caught. And sometimes we crash.

It’s not like it’s the other person’s fault, though. They never had the intention to let us down. They had their arms stretched out like a safety net for us. It’s just that, well yeah, they didn’t know how large the safety net had to be, what it had to encompass, how far it had to reach.

And I think that’s why it’s important to be open about your plans and everything. Tell people where you’re headed, so that if you fall, they know how to catch you.

But should something completely unexpected happen, and you end up running into the ground and getting all bruised up, understand that it was a matter of circumstance. No one saw it coming – not even you. So get up (and most probably those who failed to catch you before would help you stand now), figure out what made you trip, and keep more alert for it. And I guess falling isn’t so bad sometimes. The worm’s eye view often holds a very mind-opening perspective for all of us.


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