Day 9 – The Girl and The Wanderer

For today’s challenge, we were asked to write a poem using the titles of five songs from a playlist on shuffle. Included below are the songs I used.


You were already half-way out the door

You look back, wink, tell me to get down, get down,

Rest my head back on the pillow like it’s all a dream

I follow your lead, trusting you that this was a nightmare

And you’d still be there in the morning


You didn’t even tell me you were moving out


Now each time airplanes pass overhead

They cast a shadow that feels as cold

And taints everything as gray

As you made that summer morn


I thought I saw your light, I thought I saw your dark side

I knew I could love it, all of it, I was willing to

I thought you finally understood that

But you didn’t. You didn’t.


I thought you found home

I thought your wandering heart had left

But it had never gone




Never Gone – Colton Dixon

Movin’ Out – Billy Joel

Get Down, Get Down – Joe Simon

Airplanes – B.O.B. ft. Hayley Williams

Dark Side – Kelly Clarkson


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