Day 1 – Eternal Current

Lose something every day if you want to keep up

with time, or the times, there’s no thought

worth the words

–        from “Only Light Stays Young” by Stuart Greenhouse


Eternal Current

By Kim Andaya


I started the year by starting a diary

I told myself that I didn’t want to let a moment go by



Unlearned from


At day’s end I wanted to comb through the past hours,

Detail what happened like a patient chronicler,

Pirouette on the clock’s face.

I allowed myself to sink into the memories,

Conjuring meaning from what would otherwise fleet by


My entries grew longer, and my reflection, deeper

My happier moments were made happier

And my sad ones more treacherous

I was given to my emotions, captive to the torrid heart

It may have been good, it may have been bad

But truly, I was alive!


But as my journaling lengthened

The minutes passed none the slower

The present slipped into the past,

And I was still writing about yesterday

When tomorrow had eclipsed into the dawn


I pushed myself to catch up

To still write everything, except faster

I tried to catch it, hold it; contain it somehow

But the sands of the hourglass still slipped through my fingers


The sands slid by, driven by new grains pouring in like rain

At first I was frustrated–

There wasn’t any more room for the new grains,

And I wanted to keep them at bay

So they passed me, going unnoticed


Unlearned from

As I was fixed on damming up the old ones


I was losing against the eternal current

The new sands I wanted out kept coming

And the old ones I wanted in refused to stay

Each grain is a crystal,

And that was why I had wanted to hold on

But in the sandstorm, I realized something:

Each grain is a crystal,

And that was why I had to let go


So the sands flowed freely, unceasingly

Within and around me,

At the same rate as time had always gone,

Without the force to face resistance;

Moulding me, shaping me, moving me

Like the dunes by the Wind


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