The Good and the Bad

I’m aware that bad things happen. It’s not like as if we can stop bad things from happening. It’s not like we can rewind time and change the things we want to change. It’s not like we can take an eraser and eradicate a day or a year or a decade of our lives. The bad things are there with the good things. And I suppose, just like people, these bad things are beautiful too.

Can you see light if there were no darkness? It would be too much for your eyes and you’d be blinded, and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the light or its gifts at all. In a painting, the right mix of shadow and brightness create beauty. Only those who have been to the bad know just how good the good is. Bad things are painful; some worse than others. But just like the physical earth needs day and night, our human world needs it too. There has to be some joy, there has to be some sorrow. Bad things can come from good things, and good things can come from bad things. It’s a cycle, and it’s the truth, and it will remain the truth as long as there is Heaven and Earth and the fiery pit.


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