Midday (The Unknown)

It’s the middle of my saturday, and I don’t know what to do. I just want to write but I have nothing to say. And you know what’s weird? While I’m currently typing away at my keyboard, I’m actually singing the words I’m typing in my head. It’s funny, I know. But I just do that sometimes, and I never really found a reason why.

Not that I want to find a reason why. Sometimes things are better unknown. Of course, our curiousity makes us starve to know the answers, but I’m fully aware that all the magic will be taken away upon knowing. That’s what makes magic so MAGICAL. The mystery in it; the things left to be wondered and imagined and marveled at. If we understood everything, what would exist that would interest us? And if we were uninterested in everything, how could we love anything? And if we were to love nothing, how could we claim to be living at all? The unknown is what drives us. It may be the fear of the unknown or the want to make the unknown known that drives us. In my case, I prefer being pushed to my limits by the latter.

No one wants to live in fear, but let us admit it, we all have at least once. We have been consumed by doubt, uncertainty, our failures, our worries, our guilt. And we’re always afraid that something or someone is going to come knocking on our door one day to rob us of what we know today, and leave us stranded in the abyssal unknown. Where will we go from there? What do we do? Will we be alright at the end of it all, provided we find the end at all? But fear is the worst thing about fear. The danger often times does not lie in the physical danger itself. To fear is to allow yourself to be gobbled up whole by whichever evil scares you, to permit yourself to become a slave of its wills, to yield to being caged and never grow. The only way to run from your fear is to face it.

Should we learn to love the unknown, and seek its secrets, we would unveil all the beauty in the world. Life would become one great adventure beyond any measure. The unknown is so wide and big and greater than we can imagine. Be amazed by that. Think of the freedom that exists in that. Think of the possibilities, the opportunities, the treasures just waiting to be found. Think about all the things you can gain from uncovering what’s there in the unknown. It could be infinitely better than the good world we already move and breathe in.

As human beings, we must strive to explore our hugely expansive playground that is our universe. It is by learning that we find our purpose, and it is by finding our purpose that we LIVE.


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