Just Admitting Something

I’ll just make a quick admission of something.

Though I signed up for this site in March, I did that for a school project. All I really wanted was to post the essay we were required to write and have things over with. But then a thought crossed my head… what if I actually took my blog seriously? So that’s why I even have an introduction posted here. BUT, what with being busy and everything, I never really got back to it.

With that, you can understand why my blog is just so… BARE. And you’ll have to cope with that for a while, for I am no master when it comes to computers. I’m a crappy no0b, no need to tell me. I’m fully aware of my limits in this respect. Lol. But I’ll learn how to customize this blog to decency eventually. Maybe within the year. HOPEFULLY.

Now of course, I can always ask my friends, right? Well, it’s 11:40 AM on a Saturday morning, and no one I know I can bug for such a petty thing as blog themes is awake right now (or at least, none of them are online). So for now, we’ll have to stick to this boring theme. I’ll try to figure out how to get a free theme sometime in the near future. Please just bear with my crappiness, thank you. >.<


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